DVD review: Identity

When people believe something, especially stupid people, it’s hard to get them to change their minds.
–John Bloom [Aidan Gillen]

Scotland Yard has recently established a specialty task force focusing on identity theft. Detective Superintendent Martha Lawson [Keeley Hawes–MI-5] leads The Identity Unit and she’s joined by former undercover officer John Bloom [Aidan Gillen–The Wire], IT specialist Tessa [Holly Aird], easy-going José [Elyes Gabel] and the ever skeptical Anthony [Shaun Parkes– The Inspector Lynley Mysteries]. The detectives are all intriguing, diverse characters.

Every episode delves into the intricate complex reasons why someone would steal another’s identity—greed, revenge, jealousy. In one episode, a woman murders someone she befriends abroad and assumes her identity. She suffered brain damage and wants those who hurt her to pay. In another episode, someone leaks the identity of a woman in witness protection. When her son gets snatched while Bloom is offsite dealing with a personal matter, members of the team question his loyalties.

Identity also focuses on some of the central members of the team. As the head of this unit, Martha Lawson [Hawes] faces the challenge of being taken seriously by her superiors and managing the egos and personality clashes of her team. DI John Bloom [Gillen] has a darker, enigmatic past. His girlfriend’s connected to the Turkish mafia and he utilizes rogue tactics such as stabbing a man in the leg so that his daughter talks. Cool editing, a stellar cast and crisp, twisted plots fuel this British television series.

Starring: Keely Hawes, Aidan Gillen, Shaun Parkes, Elyes Gabel, Holly Aird
Studio: Acorn Media
Rating: Not Rated
Running time: 279 minutes
Release Date: May 3, 2011
PR: Acorn Media

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