Limitless: film review

When a drug called NZT enables a writer to kick-start his life, he quickly becomes addicted to the intense power it allows him. Once Eddie Morra [Bradley Cooper] takes one pill, he’s frenetically productive and accesses 100 percent of his brain. This gives him a photographic memory, the ability to pick up new languages within hours and amass all types of other knowledge. It’s addictive. How could it not be? It makes him a better, more interesting, more successful person than the struggling writer he used to be. He has idea after idea to make money and just can’t slow down. Eddie relies more and more on NZT and fails to consider what would happen if he runs out of the drug or stops taking it. When his drug connection gets killed, Eddie grapples with the startling side-effects of the unapproved super-drug.

Cooper excels as a smart guy who becomes brilliant, envied and unstoppable. You really root for him to succeed. He’s likable as a scraggly humble writer and with more confidence; his character only becomes that much more appealing. As the newbie and the seasoned executive, Cooper and Robert DeNiro trade plenty of snappy dialogue and provide plenty of twists. The delightful, talented Abbie Cornish turns in a refreshing performance as Eddie’s on-and-off-again editor girlfriend. And Anna Friel? Try to even recognize her. I didn’t. Neil Burger provides sharp direction that keeps the film tight and moving at a steady clip the entire time. Limitless is the best film I’ve seen this year.

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