The Switch: DVD review

Ten reasons to see The Switch

1. Jason Bateman turns in extraordinary performance as Wally, a successful guy who falters with personal relationships and constantly worries.
2. Clever script by Allan Loeb.
3. Based on short story by Jeffrey Eugenides [Middlesex, The Virgin Suicides].
4. Seeing the film is a great FU to Bill O’Reilly who thinks that a film about single motherhood is a BAD thing.
5. As Kassie, Jennifer Aniston is not the typical desperate-to-get-married-and-have-a-family woman.

6. Aniston and Bateman have fantastic comedic timing.
7. Jeff Goldblum, Wally’s co-worker/ friend, is sexy and hysterical as always.

8. Multi-talented Juliette Lewis plays Kassie’s best friend.
9. Kassie [Aniston] makes her own plan to conceive.
10. The trailer doesn’t give away all the funniest parts of the film.

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