Documentary Round-Up: Waiting for Superman; Kings of Pastry; Inside Job

Waiting for Superman
–our public education system desperately needs to be fixed but no one seems willing to make the necessary changes

Prison: 33K/yr or 132K for four years
Private school: $8300/yr or 108K for four years

Worldwide: United States ranks 25th for math and 23rd for science among school-aged students

Kings of Pastry

–Every four years in France, there’s the Meilleur Ouvrier de France [MOF]
—an intense pasty competition. Contestants prepare 40 different recipes to be judged on presentation, taste, technique. There’s a wedding cake, chocolate piece, pulled sugar, cream puffs and more. It’s truly an amazing display of craftsmanship.

This documentary mainly focuses on Jacquy Pfeiffer, an instructor at Chicago’s The French Pastry School. There are 16 MOF finalists to compete in the three day competition. Kings of Pastry completely enthralls with lovely pastries, amazing technique and dedicated artisans.

Inside Job

“Since deregulation began, the world’s biggest financial firms have been caught laundering money, defrauding customers and cooking their books.”

–JP Morgan bribed government officials
–Riggs Bank laundered money for Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet
–Credit Suisse laundered money for Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions
–Citibank helped funnel drug money out of Mexico

By 2010, there were six million foreclosures in the United States.

**for the first time in history, average Americans are less prosperous and less educated than their parents**

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