Women’s History Month: focus on Pearl Buck

Pearl Comfort Buck [1892-1973]

–born to Presbyterian missionaries in West Virginia
–grew up in China where her parents served
–returned to attend Randolph Woman’s College from 1910-1914
–Buck returned to China to teach and met and married American agriculturalist John Lossing Buck in 1917
–she earned her masters degree in English from Cornell and continued to teach in China from 1925-1931

–her second novel, The Good Earth [1931], earned her the Pulitzer Prize and became a play and award-winning film
— champion of civil rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, and the rights of those with disabilities
–Buck divorced in 1934 and married her publisher Richard Walsh a year later
–Buck earned the Nobel Prize for her body of work in 1938
–other books include: Pavilion of Women [1946]; Angry Wife [1969]; Imperial Woman [1956]; and Of Men and Women [1971]


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