Cowboy Junkies, Demons: music review

Cowboy Junkies
Latent Recordings
Release date: February 15

My go-to album is Cowboy Junkies’ At the End of Paths Taken—I will have this playing on repeat when I finally get up the guts to kill myself. Now with Demons, Cowboy Junkies masterfully plays dark, achingly beautiful and heartfelt covers of the late Vic Chesnutt’s sarcastic, attitude-driven songs about death, suicide, misery and life’s minutiae. The melodies, sometimes slower, sometimes more upbeat, burst with atmospheric, hazy darkness. . Cowboy Junkies bring unexpected interpretations to Chesnutt’s songs. Demons brims with haunting, ethereal and devastating sadness. Delve in and feel the pain, feel the ache, feel the burn and come out on the other side.

standouts: “Flirted with You All My Life,” “See You Around,” “Strange Language” and “We Hovered with Short Wings”

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