book review: CORRAG

Title: Corrag: a Novel
Author: Susan Fletcher
Hardcover: 366 pages
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (November 15, 2010)
Category: historical fiction
Rating: B

The story of accused witch Corrag, the only witness to the killing of the McDonald clan in Scotland in late 17th century Britain, slowly unravels through poetic prose. Corrag has one visitor in her bleak, damp cell, Charles Leslie, a Catholic loyalist traveling under disguise meets with Corrag to try to mete out information that could possibly implicate the Protestant king William in the murders. At the beginning, Leslie approaches Corrag in a skeptical and fearful manner, but through her detailed stories and open-hearted nature, he finds that she is not that different from his own wife or from himself. She’s just misunderstood and possibly wrongfully imprisoned. Author Susan Fletcher writes with a simple yet evocative style that celebrates the landscape, nature and its powers. Many people are fascinated by witches and witchcraft yet it’s a challenge to expose the true humanity of many of the women labeled witches in early times. In Corrag, Fletcher has created an independent woman, a survivor who has endured great tragedy and challenges throughout her life. Corrag is an engrossing and informative novel about a long-forgotten event.

Corrag: A Novel


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