Lifetime TV movie review: Sandra Brown’s SMOKE SCREEN

Britt Shelley [Jaime Pressly], a popular newscaster in Charlotte, NC, wakes up next to the dead body of Police Detective Jay Burgess. Instantly the cameras turn on Britt as she becomes the suspect in this bizarre case. She has no recollection of anything and suspects she was slipped a drug but it’s too late to test. Determined to clear her name, Britt starts her own investigation. Five years before, former firefighter Raley [Currie Graham] was involved in exactly the same scenario. The coincidence may lead to exonerating them both but not before they discover many roadblocks. There are high-level political and police cover-ups. The isolated Britt Shelley highlights the stereotypical problem of women—to have a successful professional career, a woman can’t have a satisfying personal life. Pressly turns this thorny character into a multi-dimensional woman. Based on the best-selling novel, Sandra Brown’s Smoke Screen explodes with several twists.

Sandra Brown’s SMOKE SCREEN premieres Sunday, November 21 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on Lifetime Movie Network

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