DATING: found old email from Brit guy I dated

So I dated this sweet, charming, adorable British guy [with exquisite taste in music and film] six years ago for a few months.

I thought it important to write down and re-read from time to time perhaps.

he wrote:

I LIKE you and feel honoured that you apparently still seem to like me. I don’t think you’re too aggressive in the slightest, i’ve maybe said that to you ONCE since I’ve known you. I think you’re very mellow and just a great person as well. And anyway it’s good that you’re a bit aggressive now and again, it’s part of your personality and I like it, don’t change for anyone, be yourself always. I like the knock about arguments we have now and again. You’re very straight talking and that leads to lively conversations sometimes. I have to learn to be more like you, more open and speak my mind. You’re much more articulate, brighter, sharper, quicker than I am – this is why I was intimidated by you when we first met.

cheers to you and you’ll always have a special place in my heart. at least for this:

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