Lifetime TV review: Secrets in the Walls

Strange noises. A creepy basement room. A dead girl appearing in the mirror and looking out the window of a house. Unexplained activities. Scratching and screaming sounds. It can only be Halloween for Lifetime Movie Network.

As single mom [a Lifetime favorite] Rachel Easton, Jeri Ryan does a fine job of working hard while trying to provide a happy home for her two daughters, 16-year-old Lizzie [Kay Panabaker] and younger sister Molly [Peyton Roi List]. Rachel starts a new job at a healthcare facility and happens to befriend a nurse [the fabulous Marianne Jean-Baptiste] who speaks to the dead. While walking to the bus one afternoon, Easton happens by a magnificent house—huge and open with a sprawling staircase and an attached greenery/atrium. Out of her price range, Easton puts it out of her mind but suddenly gets a call from the realtor who informs her that the price is now reduced. Easton and her daughters move in. Lizzie claims the furnished but rather gross [compared to the rest of the house] basement room as her own. Terror ensues. Lizzie is targeted by the spirit. I’m not giving the secret away but think a very weak version of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

It’s Lifetime’s answer to Paranormal Activity 2. Unfortunately it’s too predictable and unrealistic. There are a few mild tremors but it’s all fairly tame for a film about a spirit haunting a house.

Premieres Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 8pm EST/ 5pm PT on Lifetime Movie Network

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