Lies in Plain Sight: TV review [Lifetime Movie Network]

Directed by Patricia Cardoso [Real Women Have Curves], Lies in Plain Sight is one of the best Lifetime original movies that I’ve seen in some time. It’s effectively provocative and creepy. While predicable at times, there are some unexpected twists and turns. I also commend Lifetime on casting and airing a film with a Latino cast [with the exception of Chad Michael Murray as Eva’s ex-boyfriend]. The film focuses on two cousins Eva [Cheyenne Haynes] and Sofia [Martha Higareda]. Sofia is blind and Eva had been her closest friend and guide throughout their lives. Now in college, Sofia returns home after Eva commits suicide. There’s no note and have been no apparent indications of Eva’s depression. Sofia decides to investigate her cousin’s suicide and in doing so some dark family secrets and unpleasant memories surface. Higareda [Casa de los babys] turns in a dedicated and layered performance. Rose Perez as Eva’s mom is also quite good. Lies in Plain Sight is worth checking out.

Airs Sunday, October 3 at 8p EST on Lifetime Movie Network

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