MUSIC NEWS: Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes & brain tumor

Jon has written a lovely post— over at The End records, The Charlatans label–a bout his collapse onstage at a Philadelphia club during the band’s North American tour. I turns out that Jon had a brain tumor.

He writes:

When I first saw those strange lights in the corner of my eyes at the start of the set in Philadelphia little was I to know that the brain tumour several centimetres across was starting to emit it´s electrical impulses across the bottom halve of the right hand side of my brain… and after asking for sound levels to be lowered on stage I continued to play the set, but was already hopelessly out of time and disorientated and on a different song from the set list and rest of the band, the count down to disorder had begun. Strange feelings of floating quickly replaced by violent head movements engulfed me. Then I was approached by strangely familiar faces asking me what was wrong but, I couldn’t speak, my mouth wired tight by lockjaw and panic spreading across my frozen body, the first seizure had begun and was in full affect.

The Verve’s drummer Pete Salisbury is currently filling in on the band’s UK tour while Jon recovers.

a favorite song of mine from the boys:

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