music review: OMD

History of Modern
Label: Bright Antenna/ILG
Release date: September 28
Grade: B+

History of Modern is marvelous. I’ll admit I don’t think about OMD that much. I wore out my cassette on my walkman in college playing “So in Love” and “Secret.” But when I heard that OMD original members Andy McCluskey [lead vocals/ bass/ keyboards], Paul Humphreys [keyboardist/vocalist], Martin Cooper [keyboards, saxophone] and Malcolm Holmes [drums, percussion] had reunited to release a new album, I immediately grew curious and nostalgic to hear it.

In its first release in 14 years, OMD merges its own formidable electronic roots with new styles and arrangements. This is a recharged OMD that manages to maintain its own identity and signature sound. OMD sounds less reined in and produced. On the first track, “New Babies, New Toys,” the intro certainly is reminiscent of the late 80s but quickly develops into its own catchy song. The mostly melancholy “If You Want It,” soars with its optimistic chorus. OMD approaches love and personal issues with conflicting emotions. The songs resonate with honesty and dreaminess. “Pulse” churns with its captivating groove. “Sometimes,” my favorite song on History of Modern, is a haunting song with pensive lyrics: “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child,” and “if I express myself/ it just drives you away.”

History of Modern will not disappoint OMD’s older fans and should easily attract new fans with infectious beats, a free spirit and new fangled synth hooks.

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