DVD: Sobering Facts from The 11th Hour

•If we only relied on the Sun’s energy, the Earth could only sustain ½ Bil people

•We rely on non-renewable energy/ fossil fuel

•We use oil to extract all other resources from soil, to fresh water

•A few degrees of heat change catapulted Earth into last Ice Age

•At least 30% of American children have asthma

•Millions of animals removed from ocean every year. We put more pollution in the ocean and take more things out of the ocean in the last 50years.

Leo DiCaprio narrates the documentary

•What we put into the ocean: “millions of tons of things that aren’t natural to the sea that come back to us in perverse ways.”

•70 countries have no forestation. In U.S. there’s been 90% deforestation

•When a child gets to college age, s/he will have seen an average of four hours of TV a day. A study showed they could ID 1000s of corporate logos but fewer than 10 plants or animals native to their own place

•spider webs are five times stronger than steel

•99.9999% species extinction rate

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