Tick-Tock: The fabled biological clock

Me: I don’t want children.
Recent date: What if you meet the right guy?
Me: Are you serious? That’s ridiculous. I wanted my tubes tied 10 years ago.

Guess what? Many 40 year-old-women CHOOSE not to marry OR have children. If <e Ripley’s Believe It or Not still aired, I’d certainly be the freaky side show on there.
Another guy told me it was an anomaly [my word choice, not his] to meet a 40-year-old woman who’d never been married and had not children. How ignorant and sexist is that?

A guy on twitter said: “I think is it a shift in the environment and how women are being brought up. This is a good shift IMO, and becoming less rare.”

Stats from the Alternatives to Marriage Project:

• There are nearly 96 million unmarried Americans, representing roughly 43% of the adult population (CPS, 2008).

• 46.6% of the unmarried population aged 18 and older are male, while 53.4% are female (CPS, 2008).

• Women (49.9% of the married population are women, compared to 56.4% of unmarried population) (ACS, 2005-2007).

Published in the July edition of Personality and Individual Differences, are the results of a study on older women and fertility. The study determined women age 27-45 have a heightened sex drive in response to their dwindling fertility. It’s considered to be a sexual peak and not necessarily a desire to have children. I believe it. I want sex more than ever now.


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