The Organ Beats formed in 2008. Siblings Danny [drums] and Noelle [vocals/ bass] are siblings recruited their friend Mikey [guitar] to round out the band.

Steele: What have been your greatest challenges as a band?

The Organ Beats: money

Steele: How is it to write music and tour as siblings?

The Organ Beats: It’s great, we argue all the time.

Steele: What has Noelle’s experience in Damone brought to the band?

The Organ Beats: Bitterness

Steele: What makes The Organ Beats work well together?

The Organ Beats: We’re all nerds who love nothing more than playing music.

Steele: Why did you go to the Houston, Texas area to record Sleep When We are Dead?

The Organ Beats: To get away from the city and record for cheap.

Steele: What does a live gig bring to your music?

The Organ Beats: energy

Steele: How do you write your songs?

The Organ Beats: it usually starts with a verse then a chorus, pop a bridge in there next to a solo. haha, just kidding. For me I just write a poem and a riff and piece it together into a standard formula. The magic is in the recording, where you can layer on the spice and really be creative.

Steele: Where do you get the lyric ideas for what I interpret as melancholy love

The Organ Beats: Boys have definitely been a muse. I have a great appreciation for nature. But also persevering through tough times has been a topic on numerous occasions.

My favorite song right now is Sleep When We Are Dead by The Organ Beats:

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