Poem: My Pony Easter

Easter is the darkest black with a white star on her pretty face.
She knows what she wants and big horses treat her with grace.

Welsh Mountain is her breed.
Why the name Easter? She happened to be born on the holiday on April 22, 1973.

Amy took Easter swimming, on long trail rides and to shows.
She also brushed her as kittens, a-top Easter, curled up and dosed.

This Welsh mountain pony is rugged, sometimes stubborn, more often sweet.
She doesn’t mind being out in rain, snow and sleet.

Easter moved to a new barn, little bantam chickens would roost on her back.
The pony was round and comfortable and never gave the chickens any flack.

These days she lies out in the sun because she needs a nap when she gets tired.
She’s now 37-years-old and retired.

Beneath Easter’s barn live a few foxes with dark cinnamon colored fur and bushy tails.
Many days you can see the foxes running alongside the rails.

In the field, also called a paddock, the foxes and the pony sometimes stay close to each other.
Although a bit afraid of the pony, the foxes and Easter still respect one another.

— Amy Steele

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