MUSIC: iTunes Genius: sexist or lazy, or both?

When I use Genius, I’ve noticed that if I pick a female artist such as Beth Orton, genius picks mostly female artists: Aimee Mann, Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell, Liz Phair, Belly, Cat Power, Dido and then strangely throws in two songs by Beck [both from Sea Change] and one by Crowded House.

Never Said by Liz Phair gets me:
Belly, Breeders, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Sleater-Kinney, Neko Case, Beth Orton, Sinead O’Connor [repeats of same artists
Male artists: R.E.M., Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg
Co-ed: The Pixies

Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys and get: Klaxons, Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand [and repeats of many of these artists]. Bands with females? Two. The Gossip and MGMT.

You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Do as You’re Told) by The White Stripes [granted Meg White plays drums]:
Out of 24 songs, ONE with female Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Bands included: Arctic Monkeys, Pixies, Vampire Weekend, Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon, Modest Mouse, Beck and Cake

Just so you don’t think my iTunes is limited, I reviewed music and used to have a plethora of CDs.

I have 750 artist folders. So I have between 8000 and 10,000 songs.

I think iTunes is as lazy as the iPod shuffle which tends to re-play songs I’ve already heard, maybe two songs prior. The shuffle is like listening to a Top 40 radio station.

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