A Vagina By Any Other Name

by Georgia O'Keefe

So I started this list after hearing vajay-jay [started on the silly show Grey’s Anatomy being used one too many times, particularly by Oprah who you’d THINK would be okay using the word VAGINA after so many years covering varied topics on her show]. Of course to be fair, I should also compile one for PENIS, yet I can only think of cock. So watch for that one to be added to my site soon.

Thanks to the people of Twitter for helping with this list [to be updated if anyone sends me anything that’s not included]:

down there [for the extremely prudish]

va-jay-jay [Grey’s Anatomy— this might be the most immature and annoying term ever yet so many people use it]
and NY Times wrote an article about word

peek-a-choo [Chelsea Lately]

kasloplous [Chelsea Lately]

boy howdy [Glee— This might have been the episode, combined with the ridiculous pregnancy plot lines. safe sex anyone,? where I realized that Glee is not the show for me.]


love nest


sweet spot

sweet peach


punany/ punani [Kama Sutra]

na-na [He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut]


cunt [the most offensive]

little cunny [Anne Sexton]

mound of her legs [Anne Sexton]

cockpocket [somewhat offensive, yet admittedly clever & I’m told it’s morphed from the hot pocket jingle]

whispering eye [Role Models]

woo-woo [Christina Aguillera]

the very talented and entertaining Romany Malco [40 Year-Old Virgin, Weeds] provided me with the following [and I try not to picture him whispering, “I’m really hot for your shefood”]:

queef harp

fun holster

hairy Bermuda

catchers mitt


lumber yard

wood chipper


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