CELEBS: That f-ing biological clock

Can we PLEASE leave Renee Zellweger alone?

Here’s US Weekly pitting the two women against each other in their “quest” for Bradley Cooper:

I realize I’m writing about it hear but no publicists will even deal with my site because I don’t get enough readers and apparently I’m not a very good critic/ writer.

Showbiz Spy announces engagement of Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper [both have had very brief marriages to Kenny Chesney and Jennifer Esposito respectively].

Showbiz Spy says:

Renee knows her biological clock is ticking and she’s desperate to settle down and have a family. She has told Bradley in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t agree to raise a child with her, she sees no future for them as a couple. Renee is even prepared to adopt if she isn’t able to get pregnant.

Why does anyone have to be married or get married to have a child [see Halle Berry, Madonna and Sandra Bullock]? I’m SO tired of the biological clock. I’ve NEVER heard it ticking and I’m 37 or so.

Also, Renee is an extremely talented actress and I’m tired of her being portrayed as desperate to marry and also people saying poor Renee– why is she single? why can’t she make any relationship work? People might be jealous of her dating record– Jim Carrey, Jack White, John Krasinski, Paul McCartney [oh and read this 2007 Daily Mail piece about a desperate Renee], MSNBC’s Dan Abrams etc.

Or perhaps, Renee just hasn’t found her match yet.


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