FILM: artificial insemination = film trend of summer

First: the awful, uncreative, predictable The Back-Up Plan opening this week.

Next up: Jennifer Aniston [She’s made it clear she wants children in real life, so why does she keep taking roles about single women who want to get pregnant? I’m just thinking it might be tough or perhaps she can tap into her own feelings and it’s not.] stars in The Switch.

Switch has promise–
1. the pedigree [based on a short story by Jeffrey Eugenides– Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides]
2. the cast of this film– Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman [Juno], Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson [Little Children], Juliette Lewis [Whip It!]
3. the premise– Wally, the best friend [Bateman] switches his own sperm with Roland [Wilson] aka the “ideal specimen donor” and seven years later when Kassie [Aniston] returns to New York the similarities between the child and Wally are uncanny
4. instead of the standard rom-com, The Switch seems like a darker comedy with a much better cast
5. while the premise is far from original– The Switch might work– even if Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston did a twist on this theme ten years ago with The Object of My Affection

The Object of My Affection

Juno (Special Edition + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Little Children

Whip It

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