TV: Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains recap

Parvati hugs Russell and says, “My hero.”
Danielle: “That was awesome last night.”
Then the three start scheming with the two girls giggling.

Boston Rob: “I was born at night. But not last night.”

Rob confused how Russell, Danielle, and Parvati have control over the other five villains and are laughing and seemingly “cocky and making fun of other people” after the last tribal council.

Russell: I’m that good where I can put people together in this game for my own good.”

Reward Challenge: three members of each tribe in water. All fight for the ball to shoot in basket. Each tribe can stop other tribe in anyway. Colby wants to prove that he can play the game. He’s aggressive but not a very good shot. Heroes win the challenge. The reward: they are taken for a “healthy meal” at a waterfall.

Russell manages to bring Jerri into his alliance and Coach is hurt because she didn’t consult him first. Jerri tells Coach that she really admires what Russell did at Tribal Council—he gave Parvati the immunity idol. In her confessional, Jerri says that Coach is naive and says that Russell is playing the game and wants to win and so does she.

Immunity Challenge—Run over a netting and up a ladder to get a bag of puzzle pieces and then two members put together a puzzle. Courtney is the weak link for the Villains. She’s too slow. And the Heroes win the immunity challenge. Villains have to vote someone out at tribal council.

Jeff: “It’s no secret, Rob very good at puzzles.”

Russell, Rob, Courtney and Sandra are sitting together and Rob says to Russell, “What are you thinking?” Russell says to vote out the

Rob says that Courtney is loyal. Rob: I’ll make a strong case for Russell, Coach, because I don’t trust him.”
Coach says: “I talked to you first because I am your right-hand man.”

Rob about Coach after he makes a deal with Rob that they will both vote for Russell: “You say you’re the most loyal. You better do what you say you’re going to do.”

Coach tells Russell, Jerri, Danielle that he wants to get rid of Courtney but they all want to get rid of Rob. Coach: “I’m with you 100%.”

Coach: “I don’t want Boston Rob to go home. I can’t go back on my word. Now if I go against them, I’ve broken my word. I want to be true to Boston Rob.”

Coach and Jerri are conflicted. Jerri: “I’m not a good villain. I’m just not.”

Tribal council:

Rob and Russell are at odds with each other.

Coach says he begs everyone to keep the team strong.

Jerri: “I’m making a choice tonight in hopes this will be right for me in the end.”
She seems to be the swing vote.

voted out this week: BOSTON ROB

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