In the realm: female condoms

As a feminist, I look at the entertainment world with an undeniably feminist perspective.

I had a site where I could discuss more serious/ non-entertainment issues [such as female condoms] but as I discontinued that site, I have to cover some women’s issues here.

Of course sex is well within the realm of entertainment.

Always ahead of us with sex and drugs but fortunately NOT rock n’ roll, female condoms [FC] have been available in Europe since 1992. Our FDA approved the FC in 1993. I was two years out of college and still hadn’t had sex at that time.

Of course I’ve heard about the female condom but I’ve only bought male condoms at CVS [but I’m going to check]. Just as I have a standing script for Emergency Contraception [EC] aka the morning after pill, I feel I should check out FC especially as its in the news lately. Newsweek recently reported that the female condom is “better.” I didn’t like the quote in the piece where a woman compared the FC to “two sandwich baggies rubbing together.” Sexy time for sure.

U.S. Health officials are pushing the use of the female condom and it makes sense. I’m single and 40 and before sex, many guys have thought that a condom would not be needed. Right. I do not think so and therefore always carry condoms with me.

The FC look a lot like the cup things that I tried to use for my period but I just didn’t like it all that much. I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of putting latex inside my vagina when I don’t want to keep a tampon up there for hours on end either.

I will admit that I’d be more likely to try female condoms if the names weren’t so feminine and lame: Reality, Femidom, Dominique, Femy, Myfemy, Protectiv’ and Care. C’mon! On the other hand condoms are from Durex and Trojan. Disparity? Of course!

More information on female condoms at Planned Parenthood and AVERT.

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