Women’s History Month: Focus on Clara Bow and Frances Hodgson Burnett

Clara Bow [1905-1965] – silent screen star

–Grew up in Brooklyn.
–Made a dozen films within first year of being signed in 1923.
–Embodied that flapper, “IT Girl” style—The “Clara Bow haircut” emulated by many women.
–By 1933, Bow’s career had ended [her Brooklyn accent may have prevented her transition to the now popular “talkies”].
–Spent the rest of her life in Nevada and Los Angeles.

Frances Hodgson Burnett [1849-1924] – author

–After her father’s death, Hodgson’s family emigrated to Virginia from England during the last year of the Civil War.
–Though uneducated, Hodgson started to make money selling stories to magazines.
–In 1873, Frances married Dr. Swan Burnett.
That Lass o’ Lowrie’s was published in 1877.
–In 1886 she published Little Lord Fauntleroy.
–Best known for two of my favorite children’s books:

A Little Princess [1905]
The Secret Garden [1911]


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