DVD review: The Evelyn Waugh Collection

Title: The Evelyn Waugh Collection (A Handful of Dust/ Scoop)
Running time: 233 minutes
MPAA: Not Rated
Release date: February 2, 2010
Studio: Acorn Media
Review source: Acorn Media

A Handful of Dust

Rather wonderful yet ultimately sad story about a woman (Kristin Scott Thomas) who isn’t quite happy in her opulent country house with her wealthy husband (James Wilby). She takes an apartment in London and embarks on an affair with a guy (Rupert Graves) both out of her class and vastly different from her husband. When a tragic event happens during a hunt back at her country home, everything is thrown into great turmoil. Typical Evelyn Waugh, he manages to present social commentary on the excesses of the wealthy and to add a surprising and rather creepy twist in the end.


In this delightful send-up of politics and journalism, a wildlife writer is catapulted into the middle of a civil uprising in an isolated African country. William Boot (Michael Mahoney) makes do with the situation and is eager to please The Daily Beast, the London paper for which he writes. While in Africa, Boot finds a mix of ex-pats (including a seductive blonde), fanatical government officials and journalists. Scoop is as relevant today as when Evelyn Waugh first wrote it. It provides a sardonic and fascinating insight into highly competitive and multifaceted worlds.

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