music review: Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant
Never Cry Another Tear
Original Signal Recordings

New Order frontman Bernard Sumner has a new side project. Bad Lieutenant possesses a newness yet feels nostalgic. It’s haunting and soothing. While full of 90s sensibilities, the edginess brings it into the now. There’s the keyboards and guitar combo that provides that mix of yesterday and today. Sumner [vocals/guitar] has always been in touch with real life situations. His writing catalogues all those observations of the mistakes and joyful moments around him. Never Cry Another Tear kicks off strong with the soaring “Sink or Swim,” is quite the catchy one: Whatcha doin’ with that stupid little girl/ stop you’re foolin’/ don’t you know it’s gonna hurt/ when she leaves you. “On Summer Days on Holiday,” drums and keyboards provide that swirling atmosphere for the wistful vocals to make you fell like you’re out in the sun enjoying a cocktail. The harmonizing chorus: So shine on me/ along adds to the soothing yet imminently dance-y vibe. “This is Home” is stunning. Just lush and gorgeous. The vocals are impeccable. Newcomer Jake Evans (vocals/guitar) soars and Sumner brings in his trademark sound— just tell me that it’s true, I want you by my side. Probably my favorite song on the album. “These Changes” becomes introspective and exudes a bit of regret and confusion. It’s quite lovely. Once again, Sumner succeeds in creating an eclectic mélange of arrangements and melodies. Never Cry Another Tear will delight the most discerning music fan.


–review by Amy Steele

[review copy provided by HER FITZ PR]

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