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writinglettersI’m working on an article and would adore some help. If you could answer one or any or all of the following questions that would be great.

Please either leave comments with you first name, last initial (last name if you want) and your home state. Be sure you are not Anonymous! Also free to email me if you feel more comfortable. If I use your quote in my final piece I will contact you to clarify before.

–How often do you get your books signed?

–Why do you like to have signed copies of books?

–What is your favorite inscription that an author has ever written to you?

–Would you or have you ever bought a signed copy of a book at a bookstore (not at an event)?

–When you have a signed copy is it saved forever or do you sometimes let it go?

–What is your best memory of an interaction with an author at a book reading/signing?

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  1. #1 by Julie P. on November 15, 2009 - 23:02

    I’ll try to help b/c this is fresh in my mind. I just came off of a kidlit festival.

    1) At big events (a few times a year) like BEA or kidlit festival but also about once a month from authors

    2) They mean more if I meet the author or if I am a huge fan.

    3) I received two beautiful inscriptions yesterday from Beth Kephart yesterday that brought tears to my eyes.

    4) Nope!

    5) Depends on who signed it but I usually keep them.

    6) My entire day at the Lititz kidlit festival yesterday! I also was thrilled to meet Adriana Trigiani at BEA!!!

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