Lifetime TV movie review: Too Late to Say Goodbye

In this original film based on a best-selling true crime book by Ann Rule, Jenn [Stephanie Von Pfetten] and Bart Corbin [Lowe] seem to have the perfect marriage. Bart is a successful dentist. One day, Jenn discovers Bart’s affair with a co-worker (it figures!). She seeks solace in the Internet and meets a mysery man. Jenn soon turns up dead and it looks like suicide. Heather, Jenn’s sister refuses to believe that Jenn would kill herself leaving her children without a mother. Too Late to Say Goodbye tackles the questions: Did Jenn really commit suicide? Was she killed by the Internet stranger or was her husband Bart involved?


Dr. Corbin filed for divorce which makes him appear very guilty. [“I wanted to save my marriage.”] The movie backtracks to when Jenn and Bart met and fell in love.

During the investigation, Bart denies having an affair with the woman he works with but Jenn’s internet affair is brought out into the open. Of course she cannot defend herself. One message said something about love though. Seems pretty serious. [Heather: “I don’t like it Jen. You get caught up in things too fast.”] Oh, and guess what? The internet guy, Chris, is actually a woman name Marion! Oh no. Bart finds out that she’s “seeing” a woman and he’s worried about his reputation. So what does he do? He has Jenn’s body cremated.


Rob Lowe plays it stoic and the beginning and gradually turns very creepy and increasingly creepy, sneaky and culpable. He checks his wife’s cells phone messages which is such a breach of privacy even for a married couple. Bart has a huge temper too. I really like Lauren Holly as Jenn’s sister. She’s strong, determined and refuses to admit that her sister would ever commit suicide.

Too Late to Say Goodbye is pretty predictable but entertaining. There are some twists as typical with Lifetime movies that I don’t want to give away! It’s not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

The movie premieres on Lifetime TV on Saturday, November 7, 2009. Check listings for times.

Grade: C+

review copy provided by Lifetime TV


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