BAD LIEUTENANT: new music from New Order’s Bernard Sumner


BAD LIEUTENANT: Never Cry Another Tear

My initial take: There’s a newness yet I feel nostalgic. It’s haunting and soothing. Full of 90s sensibilities but with an edginess that brings it to the NOW. I adored New Order like many 90s-era alternachicks [and guys].

**new project from Joy Division/New Order‘s Bernard Sumner (guitar, vocals) with Phil Cunningham (guitars) and new UK “find” Jake Evans (vocals, guitars). Former Joy Division/New Order drummer Stephen Morris played on the album and will also be on tour along with bassist Tom Champman.

Bernard Sumner and members of Bad Lieutenant

Bernard Sumner and members of Bad Lieutenant

U.S. concert dates
Wednesday, November 18 at the Park West–Chicago
Saturday, November 21 at Webster Hall–New York
tickets available at TICKETMASTER

Never Cry Another Tear is available exclusively at Amazon.
Beginning November 10 available through all other retail outlets via a partnership with Original Signal Recordings.

New Order, born from the ashes of the near-mythic English band Joy Division, was one of the most innovative and critically-acclaimed bands of the 1980s, embracing the electronic textures and dance rhythms of the underground club culture while maintaining a mysterious and distant image. The group’s pioneering fusion of modern aesthetics and dance music successfully bridged the gap between the two worlds, creating a distinctively thoughtful and oblique brand of pop. Between 1981 and 2005, New Order released eight studio albums, sold millions of albums worldwide and amassed Gold and Platinum awards. In addition, the band’s single “Blue Monday” bears the distinction of being the biggest-selling 12-inch of all time, having sold in excess of 3-million copies.

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