Day Three IFFBoston: 500 Days of Summer and In the Loop

500 Days of Summer

Narrator: There are two types of people: a woman and a man.

Absolutely the best film that I’ve seen all year. This is the most clever, un-romantic/yet romantic comedy. Tom [Joseph Gordon-Levitt] immediately becomes smitten with Summer [Zooey Deschanel]. He’s a super sensitive guy who has always felt that without love, without a girlfriend his life is incomplete. Summer is the bubbly, free-spirit who makes no plans and takes a day at a time. Tom picks apart every encounter with Summer and overanalyzes everything 500 Days of Summer flips your expectations upside down. It mixes things up. Tom wants Summer to commit. He wants her to be his girlfriend. From the beginning, she tells him, in guy-style, that she is not looking for a relationship and that: “There’s no such thing as love. It’s fantasy.” 500 Days of Summer will make you laugh and marvel at the sparkling Deschanel and a brooding, introspective Gordon-Levitt. Quality acting by two of the most talented younger actors, a creative script, and sweet, real, laugh-out-loud and cringe-worthy moments make 500 Days of Summer is a must-see and a near perfect film.

Grade: A

In the Loop

Hysterical, witty, brash British comedy the imagines the days behind closed doors at Downing Street and in other offices of the British and U.S. government leading up to the Iraq War. Basically the U.S. President and the British Prime Minister are gung ho [as history shows] to go to war but not everyone working for them is in agreement or in such a hurry to send the troops into harm’s way. In the Loop is about politicians who appear to be self-composed and put together and full of the perfect sound bites and then they collapse under pressure or are completely different away from the public and media. In the Loop is fast-paced and provides an insight into British politics as well as a bit of a viewpoint into what the Brits think of Americans [we are Rock Stars! in their eyes apparently]. Directed by Armando Iannucci and written by Jesse Armstrong and Simon Blackwell. An impressive cast includes: Peter Capaldi [Skins, Torchwood], Tom Hollander [The Soloist, Valkyrie], James Gandolfini [The Sopranos, The Mexican], Gina McKee [Atonement], Steve Coogan [Hamlet 2, Tropic Thunder], Anna Chulmsky [all grown up star of My Girl, Blood Car]. You will laugh so much that you might miss some of the lines and will have to put it in your netflix queue!

Grade: A-

After the screening, Director Armando Iannucci said that leading up to Iraq, there were intelligent people having no idea what to do and then “British going to America and getting starstruck with press and glitter of Washington”

He added: “few people in Washington against the war resigned. they just moved laterallly.”

About In the Loop: He wanted the film to be “funny but not belittling the subject, just come at it from every angle. Fundamentally it’s about the war.”

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