Promises on DVD

Last night I watched a VERY moving film that interviews Israeli and Palestinian children. It was so interesting to get their take on the fighting, who the land truly belongs to etc. Most children were adamant that it belonged to whichever side they lived on.

There is despair, heartbreak, insight and promise here. But the conflict has gone on for so long it may never change. This young Palestinian says that maybe his grandchildren will be able to go back to the land that is rightfully theirs. This film makes the Arab/Israeli conflict intensely personal.

But as children, you get the sense that they understand that it is the adults who are fighting and the children are not responsible. There is one child who says he wants to kill all the Palestinians and just get rid of them all and does not feel sorry for them and it is very scary because he looks adorable and like a sweet child until he opens his mouth and spews such hatred.

At the end, two Jewish twins travel to a Palestinian camp with the filmmaker to meet some Palestinian children and they bond and become friends and have a wonderful time which shows how you can have much in common with someone who you are supposed to be politically and ethically opposed to. It is sad because the Palestinian boy, who seems very tough, cries because he knows the cameras will leave and the check points will keep him from seeing his new friends.

I highly recommend this film.


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