DVD review: Enchanted

When divorce attorney, Robert (Patrick Dempsey) remarks his logical engagement is not like that of a feuding couple in his office: “those people got married on a crazy romantic whim” it sets the tone of Enchanted right away. It’s not going to be one of those movies. Instead, it’s a treasure and welcome surprise. For this past year, Waitress is another winner in that respect. Giselle (Amy Adams), a princess from a magical land where chipmunks talk and animals do the cleaning and deliver messages, finds herself catapulted into Times Square. An oblivious and adorable Prince Edward bandies his sword with bravado while he searches for Giselle (“I seek a beautiful girl. My one coquette. The answer to my love’s duet.”).

At first Giselle is wide-eyed and trusting and slowly she starts to question her notions of happily ever after. Amy Adams delights and shines. If you didn’t notice her sparkle in Junebug, you’ll surely be charmed here. Go-to romantic comedy guy James Marsden. No Disney film is complete without poison (here disguised in every urban manner imaginable– an apple martini, a caramel apple), a wicked witch (a marvelous Susan Sarandon, reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer in Stardust) and expansive dance productions—here tongue-in-cheek yet colorful and sincere and yes, catchy.

Questioning the dated aspects of typical Disney heroines and presenting a strong, independent woman with choices makes all the difference in the world. A witty script, divine casting and the animated, without being cartoonish, acting fuels this film. Enchanted is smart, whimsical, funny and totally winning.

Extras: standard and unremarkable–deleted scenes, bloopers and a behind-the-scenes featurette “Fantasy Comes to Life”


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