DVD review: Feast of Love

Feast of Love is set in Portland, Oregon where Bradley [Greg Kinnear] owns a coffee shop and ends up being terribly unlucky with love though he wants it more than anything else. Morgan Freeman plays his friend, a writer and the man who looks upon all the goings on with that breezy wisdom he’s perfected. As the film opens, Bradley is at a baseball game with his wife Kathryn [Selma Blair]. She flirts with a woman on the other team and soon enough she leaves him for her. Bradley meets Diana [Radha Mitchell] in his coffee shop. After a rousing sex romp, the two fall for each and marry. She’s carrying on an affair with a married guy. When Bradley finds out, he’s devastated but soon bounces back, meet a woman and gets married again. There’s the young and in love couple, Chloe and Oscar, as well.

There’s no substance to the relationship between Oscar and Chloe. Feast of Love is more like Buffet of Sex. Scene to scene. The film is trying to make sex look like love or it’s pushing these relationships without any real character development. Radha Mitchell does an excellent job. Mitchell’s character explores the idea of monogamy and the complexities of settling down. I used to have a crush on Greg Kinnear but he does do the nice, oblivious guy again and again. Perhaps I’m just way too cynical for this film. I feel I will never find love and I really want sex but want to be in like at least.

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