film review: 2 Days in Paris

It’s not easy being in a relationship, much less to truly know the other one and accept them as they are with all their flaws and baggage.

2 Days in Paris is a refreshing, layered, truthful depiction of relationships. The film makes shrewd observations on how a relationship influences the human heart, soul and mind. The coupling without losing the individual. Sometimes you get blinded, often you are insecure and eventually, you might get it right. This chatty, extremely funny and insightful romantic comedy finds talented actress Julie Delpy directing her own script. She co-stars with ex-boyfriend Adam Goldberg, her own parents and even her cat makes a cameo appearance.

This sharp film reveals the minutiae and varied aspects of a relationship. Marion [Delpy] is a 35-year-old French woman who lives in New York. She’s a photographer and has been with her serious, brooding, introspective boyfriend, Jack [Goldberg], an interior designer, for two years. After a trip to Venice, the couple stops in Paris to see her parents. During those 48-hours, Marion runs into several ex-boyfriends, throwing him into an insecure spiral and he starts to question her commitment. It’s a turning point for them as the relationship will either wither or bloom in the City of Love.

Delpy attacks Parisian stereotypes in a way only someone French can really do. She shows the real, gritty parts of Paris; the political undertones, the racism, the immigrants and the less-romantic side– the dark underbelly. 2 Days in Paris simultaneously evokes Delpy’s love of the city and her distain for its politics and hypocrisy. And the best part is that Delpy is hysterical. The film is a winning romantic comedy full of surprising moments.

2 Days in Paris is thoughtful, genuine and amusing in its reflections on love and self-identity for a career-oriented woman in her 30s. She’s independent, has had many loves and relationships in her past. In this refreshing film, the focus is a career-oriented woman who does not want children, has slept with more than a dozen men and is neither regretful nor apologetic and loves her cat and boyfriend equally.


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