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CELEBS: Catherine Zeta-Jones and others can reduce stigma of mental illness

On Monday, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s publicist announced that she’d been hospitalized for treatment of bi-polar disorder. She has bi-polar II disorder which means she has more periods of depression than mania. She’s had a stressful year and external situations take a toll on anyone and particularly those who already have a mental illness. The best part of this is that Catherine Zeta-Jones can provide a high profile example that mental illness is a disease like alcoholism that needs constant monitoring and treatment but shouldn’t mean that people feel the need to keep the person at a distance.

according to the CDC, 1 in 10 Americans reports depression at some time during their lives.

Although Tom Cruise disastrously stole away her true message, Brooke Shields wrote a wonderful book about her post-partum depression called Down Came the Rain.

Ashley Judd has a new memoir, All That is Bitter and Sweet, where she discusses her battles with depression.

Judd also stars in the film Helen [available via netflix instant] where she plays a woman who hides her depression and has a major breakdown. It’s an excellent performance and quite a good film. I have depression and I thought the depiction very accurate. Although depression manifests itself differently in everyone.

The rich and famous aren’t immune.

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CELEBS: Some of my favorite looks from The Golden Globes

Best Actor, Drama-- Colin Firth

–very dashing. sophisticated.

Best Actress, Miniseries-- Claire Danes

–a favorite of the night. excellent fit, lovely color. classic style. Claire might be one of the skinniest actresses I’ve ever seen [interviewed her years ago].

presenter Olivia Wilde

–stunning. Olivia is gorgeous and can wear anything. This dress is amazing.

nominee James Franco

–looks like a plush texture to the jacket. like it. cool guy.

presenter, Matt Damon

–pretty sure this is the most handsome I’ve ever seen Matt look. I like the longer hair.

presenter Helen Mirren

–classy, sophisticated. beautiful.

presenter/icon Jane Fonda

–great hair. attitude. nice silhouette to the dress.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

–dark green is such a perfect color for Catherine and the way this dress flows on her. gorgeous.

Black Swan nominee Mila Kunis

–another fantastic green gown worn by the svelte Mila.

presenter Halle Berry

–Halle glows in this one. I also like that she showed a lot of leg with sophistication.

Best Actress winner Melissa Leo

–fab. just simply great.

presenter Scarlett Johansson

–she looks dewy and so lovely in pink. it’s definitely her color.

nominee Jennifer Lawrence

–the layers on this black and white funky dress really suit Jennifer. her hair is great too.

–a crowd favorite. nice and flowing for maternity.

–hard to say much about most of the guys. I just like Ryan a ton.

presenter Milla Jovovich

–va-va-voom. not many women can pull off this mermaid style.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

–Megan’s make-up is alluring and pink makes her pop. Brian doesn’t look too bad either.

Kaley Cuoco, Big Bang Theory

–The frills on this are just enough to make it fun and flouncy but not too out of control. wish it were blue or a darker color though.

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