Dating/Sex: You Know He Doesn’t Love You When . . .

He will not read any of the reviews you write

He does not regularly read your blog or website

He will not read the relatively short children’s book you spent a many hours researching and writing (but he will give you plenty of advice on marketing and telling you it will not sell)

He says things to you like: “I like you but I think you’re going to collapse and die. You’re going to be eating out of dumpsters in two years.”

He tells you: “your actions can always disappoint me.”

He can list all the jobs you were fired from better than you can.

He always walks five paces ahead of you and refuses to slow down. Instead he insists you catch up to him.

When you say, “I love you,” he remains silent or says, “I know.”

He doesn’t list you as an emergency contact.

You are not programmed into his cell phone (or email) address book.

He does not remember your birthday although he’s known you for more than five years.

He cannot remember how long he’s known you.

When you start to talk he walks away if you don’t get right to the point in three minutes or less.

He compartmentalizes his life: family/work/you. Nothing blends/mixes/no one crosses paths.

He gets popcorn at the movies and doesn’t offer you any and only gets a drink for himself.

You color your hair from red to dark brown and he doesn’t notice. You get your hair cut and he doesn’t comment/ notice.

He calls you a drug addict and you take prescription pills for anxiety.

He goes away for a week and doesn’t call or email you the entire time he’s gone.
When he picks you up, he sometimes doesn’t even say hello right away.

He’s not affectionate with you. No hugging and definitely very few kisses.



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